Sunday, July 17, 2011

More Music

We had a guest from Pied Piper come and teach the kids some songs. We danced and played with musical instruments. I don't have many pictures because I ran out of memory on my camera! But when you look at the expressions on the toddler's faces you know how much fun they were having, especially the blond haired boy in the third picture!

Irish Music

We had Irish Music at the school! We did so much during this visit. The toddlers made swirls while listening to the fiddle being played. Many of them made more than swirls. A story was read, we danced a jig, and clapped our hands along with the Irish music being played. What a great morning we had.

Planting the Fruit Trees for our Edible Garden Project

I have mentioned before how amazing toddlers can be, and these set of pictures proves it again! My toddlers worked all afternoon planting 11 trees for our Edible Garden Project. I couldn't believe how involved they were. From carrying buckets of dirt, to simply observing the planting process. They are simply an awesome group!

The Other Things We Are Doing...

Playing Music on our Popular Music Tree

Making Stairs with our Large Blocks

Helping Me Control the Weeds in our Gardens

Making Rubbings

The toddlers went around our play area finding things to make a textured rubbing with. They found so many different things that had texture. Some rubbed on their leg, the outdoor easel, a tree trunk, the concrete stoop, and the siding on our school. Others went over to our music tree to play some music!

Making our own Binocluars

Using toilet paper tubes we made our own binoculars. The toddlers decorated the binoculars by first painting glue on the toilet paper tubes. Then applying glitter, colored paper, and wrapping paper scrapes onto their binoculars. After their binoculars dried we went outside to use them to find our bluebirds.

Painting with Textured Paint

These toddlers are painting with textured paint. I mixed granola in with the paint and they used popsicle sticks to paint on our outdoor easel. Pretty Neat!

Water Day

These pictures show you all of the fun we have during water day. We play in shaving cream, sensory tables, and at times like to pour water on teacher's feet!