Friday, August 31, 2012

Making Playdough

We started with adding a cup and a half of flour.

Then we added a half of a cup of salt.

Next was a quarter cup of vegetable oil.

After adding some water we took turns mixing up the ingredients.
Every one stirred until the count of 10, then the next friend got a turn.

Got a little flour on his finger.

After some good stirring from Ms. Donna the play dough was ready.
We added some drops of red food coloring and mixed it into the dough.

Some intense pounding going on!

We also made some blue play dough later in the week to mix
the red and blue play dough together to make purple.
We now have 3 different colors of play dough to work with!
Science can be so cool!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our Last Water Day

It was a chilly day for our last water day, but the
toddlers didn't care. They had the best time splashing,
running through the sprinkler, and playing in the water table.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Making Butterfly Wings

The toddlers made butterfly wings using coffee filters
and dripping food coloring on them.

She tapped her eye dropper on the coffee filter
to get the food coloring onto her paper.

He drew a picture in the puddle that was on the table.

Weaving Spider Webs

During our bug lesson we talked about spiders.
This activity models how spiders make their webs.
The toddlers used a lot of their coordination skills, attention,
and fine motor skills for this fun activity.
I like looking at their expressions as they work!

Using GIGANTIC Tweezers

We like to exercise our hands and fingers a lot in the toddler class.
As part of our bug lesson we filled up the sensory table with
things that bugs like to eat or crawl on. Very big tweezers were put in
the sensory table for the toddlers to pick up the materials we found.
Pay attention to how each child uses the tweezers.
Some children decided to not use the tweezers but their hands instead.

He used his hand  and fingers to grasp and squeeze
the tweezers together to pick up this big leaf.

I love how this picture turned out.
(The tweezers got cut out.)

She decided to use her hands.

Searching for something good to find.

He picked up this flower bud and stuck  it in his tweezers.

He scooped up some sticks with his tweezers.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Toddlers Were Busy While I Was on Vacation!

Ms. Lu Ann and Ms. Allison took some wonderful pictures for me while I was away.
There are a few pictures from before my vacation and after.

She is grouping her animals into families. You can see she has the tiger family,
rhino family and is playing with the gorilla family. Beginning math at its best!

She has her thinking cap on! Notice how well she is holding the crayon.

Not sure what she is telling us, but she has a real butterfly in front of her.
inside the clear plastic square. Several of them were placed on the table
to use as a reference for their coloring. 

As all great scientists and artists do. They take time to study their subjects.

The children went outside with these butterflies. They were all
a different color. The children were given the task to find
butterflies that matched the color of the paper butterflies.

Three beautiful ladies with three beautiful hats!
We used ribbons to dance to music. We danced to a variety of music, but
especially to 'Madam Butterfly' and 'Flight of the Bumblebees'

These two girls are capturing bugs!
Don't worry they are not real!

He caught a big one! Wow!

Before we started our bug lesson we finished up our opposites lesson.
The children are feeling warm and cold water.
She has her hands in both the warm and cold bins!

After I got back from vacation we has Raptor Inc. come visit.
She is showing everyone a Paragon falcon. We have seen one of these
flying and walking around the school. They typically are found
in the city on the tall buildings.

Here is a great horned owl. Some of the toddlers were afraid of
his serious stare!
We got to hear bird callings from this neat sound machine.

After seeing the American Kestrel, the children could touch
a stuffed kestrel.

Here is the living one! This is the bird we adopted back
in the spring when the school voted on what bird to adopt.