Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Using GIGANTIC Tweezers

We like to exercise our hands and fingers a lot in the toddler class.
As part of our bug lesson we filled up the sensory table with
things that bugs like to eat or crawl on. Very big tweezers were put in
the sensory table for the toddlers to pick up the materials we found.
Pay attention to how each child uses the tweezers.
Some children decided to not use the tweezers but their hands instead.

He used his hand  and fingers to grasp and squeeze
the tweezers together to pick up this big leaf.

I love how this picture turned out.
(The tweezers got cut out.)

She decided to use her hands.

Searching for something good to find.

He picked up this flower bud and stuck  it in his tweezers.

He scooped up some sticks with his tweezers.

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