Monday, February 27, 2012


Below is a collection of natural play that our toddlers did during the months of January and February.

This older toddler learned how to stack this type of manipulative
to make a cool looking structure. Notice how he built a base for
his structure so it would not fall down.

These two girls are making houses. The one on the left placed a pot
on the top of her house. It could be for a metal roof-very economical!

This toddler noticed a huge mess was being made in this activity area.
He took the broom and dust pan and started to clean it up!

More fabulous houses!

This young toddler lined up blocks and spacing them out,
like the two rectangular blocks in front of him. He then used those blocks
to make the tower beside him.

This older toddler has a lion looking through the hole on the side
of the log, and put another animal inside the log.
The animals are talkingto each other.

He is builing using the rocks in our room. What strengh!

This young toddler is grouping the shapes of these beads.
He grouped all of the square beads first, and is now grouping
all of the cirular beads.

First, what a great smile!
Second, what a great structure!
Things are inside of each other and on top of one another.
Very detailed.

I love seeing toddlers working beside each other.
These two are mimicing each other's play. One will open a door on
the puzzle, then the other will open the same door.

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