Friday, September 21, 2012

Cleaning Up Our Gardens

On Monday September 17th, we went outside to clean up all of the plants that have
finished growing. The toddlers were given shovels to dig out the plants in the
pots. Then they helped gather all of the plants and took them to our
tall grass area. There we threw the plants in the tall grass
for the plants to decompose.

One of our younger toddlers digging out some weeds.

She used her toddler muscles to dig out our pineapple plant.

He dug out some thyme that we didn't water enough.
Our pile of plants.

We now have a pumpkin patch. It started growing in late June.

We picked three pumpkins from our patch. We still have more growing!

Ohio Early Learning & Development Standards:

  • Motor Development
    • Large Muscle: Movement, Balance, and Coordination
      • The child will coordinate the movements of his or her body in order to move and to interact with the environment.
    • Small Muscle: Touch, Grasp, Reach, Manipulate
      • The child will coordinate the use of his or her hands, fingers and sight in order to manipulate objects in the environment.

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