Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Frost and Ice

After class one day we put our sensory table that had water and toy animals in it outside. 
That night the temperatures were below freezing and our water refroze.
Frost also formed on the surfaces of the sensory table. After snack the children
looked at and touched the frost before it melted. Then they explored the frozen water.
A couple of the children wanted to get the animals out of the ice, but didn't know how.
Instead of helping them we encouraged them to figure out what they could do
to free the animals. They first tried to pull the animals out. Then they started to
bang the animals against the table. We saw the potential damage and injuries that could
occur if this continued. We then suggested to get hammers and safety glasses.
The children enjoyed the banging and wearing some cool glasses! 

Cognitive Development
Cause and effect: The child will make things happen and understand the causes of some events.
Problem Solving: The child will use the self, objects or others to attain a goal.
Attention and Persistence: The child will be able to remain focused on a task or object and to persist in the face of obstacles.

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