Monday, March 18, 2013

Ice on the Picnic Table

We had a wet then very cold evening. This made for a cool
sensory opportunity on our picnic table! A thin sheet of ice
covered our table and we brought it in for the kids to explore.
See which children were interested and how they played.

What the table looked like when we brought it in.

This guy is feeling the slick bumps on the table.

They are also feeling how smooth, wet and bumpy the ice is on the table
and seats...investigating like good scientists.

Now the ice is melting and the children are discovering that
pieces of ice are breaking off.

How does the ice look?

We discuss the bubbles we see in the ice. How did they get there?
Can you see through the ice?
Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards

Receptive Language and Comprehension
-Show understanding of statements referring to people, objects, ideas and feelings
-Demonstrate interest in and use words that are new or unfamiliar in conversation and play.

Expressive Language
-With support and modeling, describe experiences with people, places and things.
-Combine words to express more complex ideas.

Small Muscle Motor Development
-Coordinate the use of arms, hands and fingers to accomplish tasks.

Sensory Motor
-Use sensory information to guide movement to accomplish tasks.

Initiative and Curiosity
-Experiment in the environment with purpose.

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