Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Box

Ms. Donna recently purchased us a new filing cabinet for our classroom. As much as we appreciated the new cabinet, what was even better was the box that it came in. The children used the box in so many different ways- a cave, a tunnel, a cozy place to take a rest, a dance floor, a drum, a hiding place...the list could go on and on.

Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards

Social and Emotional Development
            Strand: Relationships
                     Topic: Peer Interactions and Relationships
                               Participate in simple back and forth interactions with peers 
                               for short periods of time.
                               Engage in associative play with peers

Approaches toward Learning
            Strand: Initiative
                      Topic: Initiative and Curiosity
                                Experiment in the environment with purpose
            Strand: Engagement and Persistence
                      Topic: Attention
                                Focus on an activity for short periods of time despite
            Strand: Creativity
                       Topic: Innovation and Invention
                                  Use materials in new and unconventional ways

Cognition and General Knowledge
       Sub Domain: Science
               Strand: Science Inquiry and Application
                         Topic: Inquiry
                                   Try different things with objects to see what
                                    happens or how things work
                                    Ask questions about objects and events in the 
                          Topic: Cause and Effect
                                     Demonstrate an understanding that events have a cause
                                     Purposefully combine actions to make things happen

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