Friday, May 10, 2013

Mud in Motion

 He fell down and was so happy about it!


 Clean hands were needed to play in the mud.

 Mud is even better when you jump up and down in it.

 Keeping our balance was tricky.

Our toddlers had been itching to play in this mud for weeks! So...we made sure we had extra clothes for everyone then put on our boots and headed out to play. The toddlers were unsure about what they could do at first- looking to Sarah and I with faces that said  'I can play in this?' Soon enough they were all in and all muddy.

Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards

Social and Emotional Development
      Strand: Relationships
                 Topic: Attachment
                            Display signs of comfort when familiar adults are
                            nearby during play
                 Topic: Interactions with Adults
                            Seek assistance from familiar adults
                 Topic: Peer Interactions and Relationships
                            Engage in associative play with peers

Approaches toward Learning
      Strand: Initiative
                  Topic: Initiative and Curiosity
                            Experiment in the environment with purpose
      Strand: Engagement and Persistence
                  Topic: Persistence
                              Engage in self-initiated activities for sustained periods      
                              of time

Physical Well-Being and Motor Development
       Strand: Motor Development
                    Topic: Large Muscle, Balance and Coordination
                                Use locomotor skills with increasing
                                coordination and balance
                                Use a variety of non-locomotor body movements
                                during play
                    Topic: Sensory Motor
                               Use sensory information to guide movement to
                               accomplish tasks   

Cognition and General Knowledge
        Sub-Domain: Science
                    Strand: Science Inquiry and Application
                               Topic: Inquiry
                                          Engage in focused observations of objects and
                                          events in the environment
                               Topic: Cause and Effect
                                          Demonstrate understanding that events have a cause


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