Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Art

Spray Painting

The toddlers exercised the small muscles in their hands while using small spray bottles to paint a large piece of paper.

Tile Rubbings

The toddlers tried their hardest to hold the crayons on their side to rub pretty designs onto their paper.  We will continue to practice this skill. They had fun working with the materials and making beautiful pictures

We have been giving the toddlers plenty of opportunity to practice using basic art materials such as markers and glue sticks. At first the toddlers needed a lot of help and guidance from us but now that we have been using these materials with them they can do so much more independently. They do not want our help anymore. They love to do things on their own

    Lots of Dots
 With this activity the toddlers used the small muscles in their hands to hold and squeeze the paint bottles. They experimented with holding the bottles in different ways until they found what worked for them.

Golf Ball Painting
 This was a great activity to demonstrate cause and effect. The toddlers quickly learned that they could control where the ball rolled by how they moved the box.  Each toddler spent a lot of time just moving it around and watching what would happen.

Finger Painting
What better way to get messy than to finger paint! Some of our toddlers were very meticulous and careful with how they touched the paint and moved it around their paper, others just dove right in with both hands.

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