Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lots of ART!!

 The toddlers walked on paper with painted feet to make footprints.

We gave our small muscles a work out while practicing with colored pencils and stencils.

The toddlers worked together to make a mural of the night sky.

 We used tissue paper to create beautiful rainbows.

 We made new colors while painting with primary colors on white paper.

We watched the color from our markers bleed through the coffee filter when we sprayed it with water. 

Blowing bubbles and making prints of them was so much fun.

Everyone loved the gorgeous 3D collages that we made. The toddlers were so careful in choosing the items that they wanted to include in their artwork.

Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards

Approaches toward Learning
     Strand: Engagement and Persistance
            Topic: Attention- Focus on an activity for short periods of time
                       despite distractions
    Strand: Initiative
             Topic: Planning, Action, and Reflection- Make choices to acheive
                        a desired goal

Physical Well-Being and Motor Development
     Strand: Motor Development
              Topic: Small Muscle- Coordinate the use of arms, hands, and fingers
                         to accomplish tasks

Cognition and General Knowledge
    Sub-Domain: Science
         Strand: Science Inquiry and Application
                Topic: Cause and Effect- Purposefully combine actions to make things happen

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