Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Halloween and Pumpkin Lessons

We invited the infants to come and play in
our cold spaghetti with us. It was a hit!

She is putting together a three piece puzzle.
I told her she had to get the kids dressed for Halloween. 

She is working on an apple puzzle

Our Frankenworm Experiment
We are smelling the vinegar.

The baking soda soaked gummy worms move in
the vinegar solution...so cool!

The toddlers on Halloween Day!

These girls are cooking some fabulous meals.

Coloring on our pumpkins.

Playing with the gourds in water was a favorite activity.
(We found the gourds growing in the infant playground.)

We painted a pumpkin orange by mixing yellow and red together.
Then we rolled it on white paper.

She is one of our book worms!

How comfortable do they look?
He plays with this toy everyday!

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