Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Growing Up Wild Lesson

I brought in some logs for the toddlers to investigate. The first 3 pictures show how two children took our toy bugs and made them a home with the bark! We also touched the bark and talked about the textures we felt. The outside of the log was rough and when we took the bark off the inner layer of the log was smooth. Some of the toddlers even tested their strength and carried the logs around the room.

Mad Science came to visit us and taught us about the sounds we hear from different instruments. The pictures below show the children hearing the vibrations of the cymbals and when they touched the cymbal the sound/vibrations stopped.

We went outside to look for animal homes. We found nests in the trees, ant hills near our fence, bugs on leaves, and small black beetles in a wild flower.

We made our own tree house inside our classroom! We first colored a white plastic tablecloth, then draped it over a table. For the rest of the day the toddlers played inside their new tree house!

We got creative with this project! First, we collected leaves from outside, then found some hammers within our toys. The toddlers hammered the leaves under a piece of paper and the leaves bled into the paper making a cool picture. The toddlers seemed to enjoy being allowed to hit something!

(one of our infant friends)

These two girls just wanted me to take their picture!

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