Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away?

On this day we just had a big rainstorm in the morning and I thought it would be fun to take off our shoes and play in the wet grass. I got the hose out to fill the water table with water and the toddlers poured water on my feet, felt the water spray out from the hose, and used various outside toys to scoop up the water. There were big mud puddles in the play area next to ours and we went over there to walk in the puddles. Some of the toddlers jumped right in, while others put their piggy toes in first before standing entirely in the water. We felt the mud squish between our toes and the soggy grass tickle our feet. We also walked over to the trees and shook the branches to feel the raindrops fall on our heads. We were all soaked after all of our activity, but it was the one of the best times we have had this summer.

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