Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Busy Busy Toddlers

This is our newest addition to our class. He is moving up from Miss Penny's class to our class. he brought over cups of crayons over from the easel. He sat down to dump the crayons from one cup to another cup. Great coordination!

When he was finished with the crayons he found some shapes to bang on the table to make some music.

What a project these guys started! Again using a lot of coordination and their small muscle skills. This group of toddlers wanted to hang our scarves up on the drying line that is usually used for drying paintings. The boy in the photos would try to put the scarves on the line by himself but couldn't quite get the scarf to stay on the line.

This group of toddlers noticed I was making a sign for an art activity we just completed. They all wanted to make a sign too! Wonderful beginning writing skills and imitation work.

This toddler is has grouped together all of the giraffes and elephants in their own groups. This is a beginning math skill.

These two boys are banging toy animals against the wall of a bookcase. They were making some pretty good music together.

He started to gently bang the animals against the glass door.

This girl is moving the beads through all of the twists and turns on this toy. She is using her problem solving skills to move the beads from one place to another.

She wanted me to take her picture after she matched to halves of an animal picture together. She was feeling very proud of herself (emotional development).

She is also matching two halves of an animal picture together, but she solved the puzzle in different way. Instead of putting pieces side-by-side she put them one on top of the other.

These children are covering up their friends with the scarves. This was a game for a couple of weeks where one toddler would tell someone to lay down, then place all of the scarves on top of them.

She again wanted her picture taken after she completed this matching game!

More grouping and lining things up. These children are doing these skills naturally, without any instruction!

He is feeling the acorns that were brought in by one of our toddler friends. Acorns are really neat to touch. They are both smooth and rough.

This boy is putting dirt in his hat then placing the hat on his head. What an experiment he is doing! I wonder if he thought the dirt would fall out of his hat once he put it on his head.

I was asking this little girl to find certain animals for me. I was observing her cognitive development and listening to her language skills during this activity.

These children are working with acorns. They are trying to place all of the acorns on the bark without the acorns falling off. What a great science experiment.

She is again grouping the animals by families.

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