Monday, November 21, 2011

October Pictures

The toddlers enjoy the warm sunny weather as they play in rice.

The toddlers painted with feathers outside against the outside wall of the school.

This is a popular way to move across the balance beam for the younger toddlers.

This toddler always finds water somewhere to step in. Our outside boots come in handy when it is yucky outside!

We all know what they are thinking about!


Our Costume Parade! The kids had a lot of fun getting dressed and finding a special gift outside.

Big Sis and Little Brother

Big Sis and Little Sis

A Lucky Leprechaun!

A Glow in the Dark Skeleton- He loved his costume.

Friends! Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Pumpkin, and soon to be Rock Star (she didn't have her costume on yet)

We made goop before the Costume Parade. This toddler is trying to wave the goop off her hands.

These pictures are of us making the goop. I had a lot of great helpers.

This young toddler put a kernel of corn on each corn picture.
Then he took handfulls of the corn to dump them on the paper.

These two were also placing kernels on the corn picture.

We played in chocolate pudding-YUM!
The kids were encouraged to use their fingers to make designs in the pudding.

Of course some toddlers had to take a taste!

After we were done playing with the corn kernels we threw the kernels in our tall grass.
Who knows what animals may come around and eat the corn or what may grow in the spring.

During pajama day we had pumpkins for the toddler to roll pumpkins down.
The pumpkins sometimes rolled the entire length of the room!

More corn pictures. You can see all of the different materials I had for the
toddlers to scoop the corn with: cups, bottles, toilet paper tubes, and fruit baskets.

This young toddler used the shakers that we made and was stacking them up.
He was really careful to make sure the containers were stacked just right so they would
not fall down.

The activity was to rip up paper, but the older toddlers thought of making
a picture with the paper. I didn't have any glue in the classroom, so I
made sure to take a picture of their work.

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