Friday, October 14, 2011

In a Grasshopper's World

During a few weeks in September and October we learned about grasshoppers. During our walks on the nature trail we noticed a lot of grasshoppers sitting on blades of grass and jumping out of our way as we approached them. The end of summer and during the beginning of fall grasshoppers seem to be everywhere! They have most likely grown to their adult size and are starting to mate and lay eggs. Below are pictures that I took during some of our activities.

She is carrying the terrarium we made as we begin our walk to catch grasshoppers.

He is carrying one of the nets we used to catch the grasshoppers.

We begin our walk on our nature trail.

These children are using the magnifying glasses to look at the grasshoppers we caught. The children tried their best to catch the grasshoppers, but Miss Bev and I ended up catching them.

We are hiding in the grass like the grasshoppers!

We made grasshopper antennae so we could dress up like grasshoppers.

We painted with plastic grasshoppers using brown and green paint.

The toddlers are making grasshopper with clothespins. They are coloring them with green, black, brown, and gray markers. I added the feet and antenna after they finished coloring.

We are making music like grasshopper by rubbing a wooden stick across a comb. How Fun!

We ate like grasshoppers too! We had only green vegetables: lettuce, spinach, and sugar snap peas. We learned in one of our grasshopper books that they eat mainly grass and green plants.

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