Saturday, January 21, 2012

Learning Through Play

Children learn so much on their own as they play. The pictures below will show you how we allow the children to naturally play so they can challenge themselves.

These three girls are playing with the animals together
and the range of ages is from 18 months - 30 months.
The youngest one is engaging in parallel play
while the other two are talking and interacting with each other.
This type of play strenghtens their language, social and emotional development.

These children started to play with the plastic zoo animals and a woodpecker house.
They were figuring out which animals fit in the hole
and how to get the animal out once they placed the animal in the hole.
A lot of cognitive development and social play in this activity.

I love when older and younger toddlers play with one another.
One of the reasons why we have mixed age groups in our toddler and infant program.
This younger toddler is looking at what the older toddler is doing
and immitating her.

This is a prime example of imitation.
How many parents sit next to their child and read a book to them before bedtime?
Again, a younger toddler (15 months) interacting with an older toddler (3 years).

Ms. Lee built a roadway with a tunnel for the kids to roll a ball through.

This is what the toddler do just before naptime.
They are allowed to sit together or alone and read a book
while we clean up and change diapers after lunch.

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