Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our Names Lesson

We did a quick lesson on names. The younger toddlers were beginning to say all of their friends names and the older toddlers were beginning to recognize their name on the cubbies. For our lesson, we played games to help us recognize the first letter of our name and did activities around the toddlers as individuals.

Below are pictures of the toddlers having their bodies traced and they colored the outline of their body, then I wrote their name on their paper, saying each letter as I wrote it.  I went around intending to take a picture of one of the toddlers laying on top of their paper. The rest of the toddler saw what I was doing and they all laid down on their paper wanting me to take their picture!

We made a chart to see how long our names were. The toddlers could pick out the color they wanted me to write their name, I said the letters in their name as I wrote them, and we counted the letters. Later on I noticed the toddlers looking at the names and finding their own name and sometimes their friend's name.

The toddlers are feeling their names! Cool huh?!
Their names were written in glue and after the glue dried the children could feel them.
We also placed a piece of paper on their names and rubbed a crayon over their name.

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