Sunday, April 29, 2012

Making Bird Nests and Bird Feeders

Our bird lesson has been a fun one! Below are a couple of the activities
we have done. The first two pictures are of the toddlers making bird feeders.
We used soy  nut butter, bird seed, pine cones that we found under our
evergreen trees, and string. The toddler liked to taste the "peanut butter" as
they made their yummy treats for the birds.

The toddlers got loads of sensory experience from this activity, got to use
natural materials that stimulates the brain, and practiced following directions.

The following pictures show how we gathered materials from outside
to make our bird nests. This was a really fun activity that I think the
children should do at home too! The toddlers collected mud by our tires,
grass, leaves, and I added string and cotton. We left the nests outside to see
if the birds would use our nests and they did! The sparrows came to
collect all of the cotton some string and grass for their own nest!

The toddlers worked together (socialization) when they gathered the materials, and
they also were using their gross and fine motor skills as they constructed
their bird nest.

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