Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mr. Wes Teaches us about Edible Plants

Wes from Marvin's Organic Gardens came again to visit us.
This visit was about plants we can eat. He also showed us
some of the plants we will be planting for phase 2 of our
edible forest. We tasted several herbs, if we wanted to, and
also learned about what roots are and other parts of a plant.

The toddlers learn about their environment and community members
through the guests we invite to our school. The children's social world also expands
a little bit more each time a visitor comes.

Mr. Wes showing us the roots of a plant.

A toddler putting a herb leaf in his pocket.


Mr. Wes wrapping a vine around a preschooler's head.

 Are you sleeping while standing up?

Wow! Look at all of those plants!

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