Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First Half of July

We had a large box to play in for about a week (until it got too worn).
This child represents all of the fun the toddlers had with a simple box.
The toddlers liked to close themselves up in the box then jump out and say "surprise!"
This toddler is playing in the dirt with her shovel and truck in the box.

We now think we have pumpkins growing voluntarily in our garden instead of
zucchini. We will keep watching it grow.
These two are taking turns sitting in the swing and pushing each other.

Big and little sis smiling for the camera!


We played the shell game one day. The toddlers had to find where
the ball was after I moved the shells around.

All of these picture are of the kids coloring on top and under a table.
It looks like they enjoyed going under the table!

These children used the sponges that were in the sensory table
to wash some things outside during water day.

When we came in from water day the children started to dance
on the stage. I took a video but am having trouble putting
it on the site. I will keep trying-it is too cute!

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