Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Fun in June

This is quickly becoming a hot and dry summer. We are reguarly checking the
progress of our plants (science) and watering them. The children are starting
to have conversations about their plants and what they need to grow.

I took this picture because of how this child lined up his cars.
If a car got out of place he would put it back.

Water Day! One of the many highlights of summer at Endeavor.
The children play with measuring cups, plastic bottles, boats, etc.
As they play they are learning about many math and science concepts.

Below are pictures of our newest "toys".
We brought in logs that were cutinto circles and some thrift store finds.
The children are building with the wood much like they build with the blocks in the classroom.
The cooking materials we found at a local thrift store are being used as musical instruments and for cooking.
Can you believe that you can find these items in school catalogs? They are pricy too.
 He is making ice cream.
 She is making pancakes.
She is picking up a piece of bark with her salad tongs. 

 Our first all girl band at Endeavor Learning Center!
 They moved their "drums" to one of the logs by our fence.
They noticed the tins made a different noise than before.

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