Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Learning About Bats

We had a naturalist come in, Ms. Jessica, to teach us about bats.
She started off with a book, 'Bellaluna', about a bat who looses his mother
and lives with a family of birds. She gets confused with how she is supposed
to behave, but when she finds her mother she starts to learn about how
she is supposed to live. She realizes that bats and birds live very differently.

We are trying to hang upside down like Bellaluna.

We are counting how many fingers we have...we have the same number of fingers as a bat!

We flap our arms like a bats do when they fly.

Ms. Jessica lets us pet her bat puppets.

We play a bat game. The girl with the bat mask is pretending to be a bat trying to find
some bugs to eat. The girl with the blue shirt is the bug. She rattles a maraca so the bat
can try to find her.

Now we are making a bat house for the school. We all take turns
hammering in the nails.

Videos of our bat games.

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