Thursday, June 7, 2012

May Flowers

Our May lesson was about gardening. There are pictures of a few of the activities we did
and some child initiated activities. You will see that toddlers are a very creative bunch!

We took a walk around the school grounds to look for different colors of
flowers. (I could only take three pictures before my camera's memory was full).
We found yellow, white, purple, and pink flowers on our walk.

This child  found a relaxing way to learn about science. He was discovering
how to move his train so it can go through the tunnel.

We created a flower shop for our gardening lesson in the dramatic play area.
These children are developing a stronger sense of being a part of a larger group
when they play together instead of by themselves. Their vocabulary is also growing as
they have conversations with each other.

These two boys are gluing flower petals onto paper to make a flower collage.

We are digging up dirt from our old vegetable gardens to use for our
container gardens. We planted a variety of herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers.
The children are learning about what a plant or seed needs in order to grow.
And what is harmful and helpful to the plants.
(e.g. touch plants gently not pulling off leaves; giving waterto the plants).
They are also working on their large muscle skills as they dig in the tough dirt!

This is a classic example of a spontanious activity. The school received
some new toys that were wrapped up in bubble wrap. I brought the bubble wrap
in for the kids to pop the bubbles. We ended  up finding other ways to pop the bubbles
in addition to using our fingers. We stomped our feet, used blocks, trians, and some
still liked to use their fingers.

These next two pictures were taken because these children are doing
something they have not done before. The first child recently started stacking
blocks on each other. The second was solving a difficult puzzle on her own.
We were so excited for them and proud!

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