Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Outside Easel

On our playground we have an easel. The main part of the easel is clear plastic. We gave the children paint and brushes to use on the easel. While friends were painting other toddlers stood on the opposite side and watched the paint through the plastic. Everyone had so much fun both painting and watching while others painted. We used large pieces of white paper to make a print of their painting when they were finished. 

Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards

Social and Emotional Development
                    Topic: Peer Interactions and Relationships
                                Engage in associative play with peers
                                With modeling and support, demonstrate socially competent
                                behavior with peers
Approaches to Learning
      Strand: Initiative
                   Topic: Planning, Action, and Reflection
                              Make choices to achieve a desired goal
      Strand: Engagement and Persistance
                    Topic: Focus on an activity for short periods of time despite distractions

Physical Well-Being and Motor Development
      Strand: Motor Development
                   Topic: Large Muscle, Balance and Coordination
                              Use a variety of non-locomotor body movements during play
                   Topic: Small Muscle: Touch, Grasp, Reach, and Manipulate
                              Coordinate the use of arms, hands, and fingers to accomplish tasks
                   Topic: Sensory Motor
                              Use sensory information to guide movement to accomplish tasks

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