Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Water Day!!


Water day is so much fun for all of us. The toddlers splash, fill, and pour all morning. They are becoming more comfortable with the water play and are exploring more with the water and the tools they are given to use. 

Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards

Social and Emotional Development
      Strand: Relationships
                   Topic: Attachment
                               Display signs of comfort during play when familiar adults are nearby
                               but not in the immediate area
                   Topic: Peer Interactions and Relationships
                              Engage in associative play with peers

Approaches to Learning
      Strand: Initiative
                  Topic: Initiative and Curiosity
                             Experiment in the environment with purpose    
      Strand: Engagement and Persistence
                   Topic: Persistence
                               Engage in self-initiated activities for sustained periods of time  

Cognition and General Knowledge
     Sub-Domain: Science
         Strand: Science Inquiry and Application
                     Topic: Cause and Effect
                                Purposefully combine actions to make things happen      

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