Friday, August 23, 2013

We love to use our MUSCLES!

The toddlers were engaged in activities that forced them to use their large motor skills. These pictures are just a small sample of the activities that we did during this week. The toddlers are becoming more confident in their abilities and more eager to attempt new things . 

Our toddlers also spent time doing activities that exercised their small muscles. They really enjoyed writing with the small pencils that I made for them and coloring under the tables.

Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards

Physical Well-Being and Motor Development
     Strand: Motor Development
                Topic: Large Muscle,Balance and Coordination
                           Use locomotor skills with increasing coordination 
                           and balance
                           Use a variety of non-locomotor body movements
                           during play
                Topic: Small Muscle- Touch, Grasp, Reach, and Manipulate
                           Coordinate the use of arms, hands, and fingers to 
                           accomplish a task
                Topic: Sensory Motor
                           Use sensory information to guide movement to accomplish 

Approaches Toward Learning
      Strand: Initiative
                 Topic: Initiative and Curiosity
                            Experiment in the environment with purpose
      Strand: Engagement and Persistence
                  Topic: Attention
                             Focus on an activity for short periods of time despite distractions

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