Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mason Fire and Rescue

Our toddlers were so excited to have a visit from the Mason Fire Department.
They were not able to stay with us for very long but while they were here we got to check out some of their equipment and look at some of the things they carry in the ambulance. One of the firefighters even put on all of his protective gear for the children to see. Some of the toddlers were not so sure about him after he put on his mask. We thanked Andy and Dan for coming to see us with cookies and a big firetruck that the children colored. 

Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards

Social and Emotional Development
        Strand: Relationships
                  Topic: Interactions with Adults
                             Demonstrate early signs of interest in unfamiliar adults
                  Topic: Attachment
                             Seek security and support from familiar adults when distressed
      Strand: Self
                Topic: Awareness and Expression of Emotion
                          Show awareness of own emotions and use nonverbal and verbal ways to express       
                          complex emotions such as pride, embarrassment, shame, or guilt.
                Topic: Self-Concept
                           Identify own feelings, needs, and interests      


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