Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fun Fall Art

The toddlers have been doing some fantastic fall art. We have painted colorful leaves on trees, made leaf rubbings, prints of leaves and more. They all enjoy being creative and getting messy.

Ohio Early learning and Development Standards

Social and Emotional Development
     Strand: Self
                Topic: Awareness and expression of Emotion
                           Show awareness of own emotion and use verbal or nonverbal ways to express 
                           complex emotions

Approaches toward Learning
      Strand: Engagement and Persistence
                   Topic: Attention
                              Focus on and activity for short periods of time despite distractions 

Physical Well-Being and Motor Development
       Strand: Motor Development
                   Topic: Small Muscle: Touch, Grasp, Reach , and Manipulate
                              Coordinate the use of arms, hands, and fingers to accomplish tasks

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