Friday, October 11, 2013

Harry the Caterpillar

 This is Harry. We found him outside on our playground.

The toddlers were very curious about him. They wanted to touch him, talk to him, and try to hold him.  We discussed what he is, what he eats, and other fun details about Harry. 

We decided that it would be best for Harry if we let him go back into one of the gardens in our playground.  After I put him into the taller grass the toddlers watched him crawl around before saying bye to him.

Ohio Early learning and Development Standards

Approaches toward Learning
       Strand: Initiative
                   Topic: Initiative and Curiosity
                              Experiment in the environment with purpose
                              Ask questions to gain information

Cognitive and General Knowledge
    Sub-Domain: Science
            Strand: Science Inquiry and Application
                       Topic: Inquiry
                                 Observe the physical and natural world around them
                                 Engage in focused observations of objects and events in the 
                                Ask questions about objects and events in the environment

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