Friday, January 3, 2014

Let it Snow!

Our first day back after Winter break brought us lots of snow!
We ventured out into the cold along with Ms. Sara and the preschoolers and schoolagers. 
We took a ruler with us and first made predictions about how deep the snow would be. After measuring we found that some of us were very close in our predictions. Then we discussed if we thought that the snow would measure the same all over the playground. Some of the children said that it would be the same and some thought that it might be higher or lower in other places. We measured many different areas and found that the measurements were either the same as the first or higher. Our highest measurement was 5.5 inches. That is a lot of snow!!!

Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards

Approaches toward Learning
    Strand: Initiative
               Topic: Planning, Action, and Reflection- Use previous learning to inform new experiences

Cognition and General Knowledge
     Sub-Domain: Mathmatics
             Strand: Measurement and Data
                        Topic: Describe and Compare Measurable Attributes- Demonstrate awareness that 
                                    objects can be compared by attributes such as size, weight, and capacity and 
                                    begin to us words such as bigger, smaller, longer, etc.
     Sub-Domain: Science
             Strand:  Science Inquiry and Application
                        Topic: Inquiry- With modeling and support use simple tools to explore the 
                                    Make predictions

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