Wednesday, February 19, 2014

So much to learn from playdough!

 Our toddlers love to make and explore play dough. There is so much for them to learn and experience from the simple activity of making and playing with play dough. The children are measuring, counting, observing cause and effect, practicing using simple tools, making observations and predictions, exercising their small muscles, and interacting with adults and peers in a cooperative way. 
We alter the recipe with each batch of play dough to provide new mixing and sensory play experiences.

Ohio Early learning and Development Standards

Social and Emotional Development
     Strand: Relationships
                  Topic: Interactions with Adults- Interact with familiar adults in a variety of ways
                              Seek assistance from familiar adults
                   Topic: Peer Interactions and Relationships- With modeling and support 
                              demonstrate socially competent behavior with peers, such as helping,
                              sharing and taking turns

Approaches Toward Learning
     Strand: Initaitive
                  Topic: Initiative and Curiosity- Experiment in the environment with purpose
     Strand: Engagement and Persistence
                   Topic: Attention- Focus on an activity for short periods of time despite distractions

Physical Well-Being and Motor Development
      Strand: Motor Development
                   Topic: Small Muscle: Touch, Grasp, Reach, and Manipulate- Coordinate the use of arms,
                               hands and fingers to accomplish a task
                    Topic: Sensory Motor- Use sensory information to guide movement to accomplish

Cognition and General Knowledge
  Sub-Domain: Science
       Strand: Science Inquiry and Application
                    Topic: Inquiry- Engage in sustained and complex manipulation of objects
                               With modeling and support, use simple tools to explore the environment
                    Topic: Cause and Effect- Purposefully combine actions to make things happen

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