Saturday, December 29, 2012

Big Trucks and Thanksgiving Feast

The lot next to ours is getting prepared for construction. We watched the bulldozer flattening the area. We noticed the trees, shrubs, tall grass all getting torn down. The children also noticed bunnies scurrying away. We talked to the children how the rabbits are not able to live in the tall grass anymore. They are going to find another home. The children were very intrigued about the truck. All of them watched the truck with increasing curiosity, but some were a bit frightened by it. Those children stood by either me or Kris to feel more safe. We have a front row seat to watch what will be happening to the land next to us. There will be many discussions and learning opportunities to come our way.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
The children sport their turkey hats that they made.
We also took a couple of pictures of the Thanksgiving Feast
we had before our break. It was great eating together as a
school. Even the babies joined us!

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