Saturday, December 29, 2012

Painting Turkeys

Painting is a fun way to practice early writing skills. We painted pictures
of turkeys during our turkey week. One of the older toddlers selected
the paint we were going to use for the activity.
He chose to use all of the paint colors!

I think she is just about to lick her upper lip!

We have observed her using both hands during painting and writing activities.

He was the one who picked out the paint colors for this activity.
He started out just painting with purple.

Another lefty? This guy is our newest addition to our class.
He is having so much fun!

So is she!

Blue is one of his favorite colors.
I think his paintbrush got a little bent somehow.

You can see that everyone had to share the colors with each other.
A great way to encourage communication between each other and
sharing, an important social skill.

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