Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hammer and Nails

It looks like we have some handy men and handy ladies in our class!
The older toddlers seemed to like this activity more than the younger toddlers.
Maybe we can have them build an addition on to the school for us!

This guy spent the longest time hammering compared to everyone else.
Can you tell that his dad is an architect?

You go girl!
I think he is prying out the nails with his hammer. Impressive!
She knows exactly what to do.

Check out the strength in his arm!

You are never too young to learn a new skill!

Motor Development: Small Muscle and Large Muscle
-Touch, grasp, reach and manipulate: The child will coordinate the use of his or her hands, fingers and sight in order to manipulate objects in the environment.
-Movement, balance, and coordination: The child will coordinate the movements of his or her body in order to move and to interact with the environment.

Cognitive Development: Attention and Persistence
-The child will be able to remain focused on a task or object and to persist in the face of obstacles.

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