Thursday, September 18, 2014

Exercising our Brains!!!

The toddlers have been working on basic preschool skills- color and shape recognition, counting up to10, sorting and matching based on physical characteristics, sorting based on more abstract ideas such as mommy animals to baby animals, etc etc. They are doing a great job! They are enthusiastic about this work and are spending a lot of time practicing to master these skills. 

Ohio early Learning and Development Standards

Approaches toward Learning
    Strand: Initiative
              Topic: Initiative and Curiosity- Practice new skills with enthusiasm
    Strand: Engagement and Persistence
             Topic: Persistence- Engage in self initiated activities for sustained periods
                                             of time

Cognition and General Knowledge
     Strand: Cognitive SKills
                 Topic: Reasoning and Problem Solving- With modeling and support, use 
                                                                                   simple strategies to solve problems
  Sub-Domain: Mathematics
         Strand: Number Sense
                    Topic: Number Sense and Counting- Pay attention to quantities when
                                                                                interacting with objects
        Strand: Algebra
                    Topic: Group and Categorize- Match two objects that are the same and 
                                                                     select similar objects from a group
                                                                     Sort objects into two or more groups 
                                                                     and characteristics
                                                                     Sort and classify objects by one or more 
      Strand: Geometry
                  Topic: Identify and Describe Basic Shapes- Recognize basic shapes

  Sub-Domain: Science
       Strand: Science Inquiry and Application
                    Topic: Inquiry- Engage in sustained and complex manipulation of 

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