Friday, September 19, 2014

Our classroom is alive with the sound of music!

The toddlers had a blast playing instruments and singing with our music teacher. We tried tambourines, tapping sticks, shakers, and drums. We marched around our room and clapped our hands. Music definitely gets us up and moving!

Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards

Social and Emotional Development
      Strand: Relationships
                   Topic: Interactions with adults- Interact with familiar adults in a variety of ways

Approaches Toward Learning
      Strand: Initiative
                  Topic: Initiative and Curiosity- Explore he environment through a variety of 
                                                                     sensory-motor activities
                                                                     Demonstrate a willingness to try new activities
                                                                     and experiences

Physical Well-Being and Motor Developemnt
     Strand: Motor Development
                  Topic: Large Muscle, Balance, and Coordination- Use locomotor skills with increasing
                                                                     balance and coordination
                                                                     Use a variety of non-locomotor body movements 
                                                                     during play

Language and Literacy Development
     Strand: Reading
                  Topic: Early Reading- Show and appreciation for reading books, telling stories
                                                       and singing

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