Thursday, September 18, 2014

'Self Portraits'

The toddlers had fun drawing 'self portraits'.  They sat at a table in front of our mirror with paper and colored pencils and colored anything that they wanted. I dictated the things they told me about their work. You will be able to see these works of art hanging in our classroom soon.

Ohio early Learning and Development Standards

Social and Emotional Development
    Strand: Self
               Topic: Self Concept- Recognize self as a unique person with thoughts, feelings and 
                                                 distinct characteristics

Approaches Toward Learning
     Strand: Engagement and Persistence- Focus on an activity for short periods of time 
                                                                  despite distractions

Physical Well-Being and Motor Development
    Strand: Motor Development
                Topic: Small Muscle- Coordinate the use of arms, hands and fingers to 
                                                   accomplish tasks

Language and Literacy Development
    Strand: Writing
              Topic: Early Writing- Begin to use thumb and fingers of one hand to 
                                                 hold writing tool
              Topic: Writing Application and Composition- Make marks and scribble writing to 
                                                 represent objects and ideas

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