Sunday, November 18, 2012

3 Pumpkin Activies

We chose to carve our pumpkin outside because of the nice weather.
The kids guessed what would be inside the pumpkin. They all said "seeds"!
We we impressed that they remembered what was inside the pumpkin.
I guess we opened enough gourds and fruits for them to know seeds
are usually inside. Great memory guys!

They are talking about what the jack-o-lantern needs next after
having eyes. They all said, "nose".
Our Jack-o-Lantern!

The girl was putting the eyes, and nose back on the jack-o-lantern.
The boy was taking them back out and trying to keep her from
putting the pieces of the face back on!

This guy is curious at what his friends are doing. I think
he is voicing his opinion too.

This pumpkin activity is very science oriented.
We were rolling pumpkins down a ramp.
The toddlers were asked to stand where they
thought their pumpkin would roll to. A piece of
tape marked their spots. This was a great activity!

His pumpkin rolled right where he thought it would.

The children also noticed some pumpkins rolled better than others.
She wanted to see how that gourd rolled down the ramp.

They thought of another way to play. One person was to catch
the pumpkin an the other rolled the pumpkin down.

She continued to mark where her pumpkin stopped rolling.

He wanted to see how his pumpkin would roll if placed on its side.

The toddlers made their own jack-o-lanterns! Many of them made happy
faces, but some made angry faces too. They were guided to place the eyes,
nose and mouth where ever they wanted.

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