Thursday, November 1, 2012

Costume Party 2012!

These cousins both dressed as dinosaurs, totally unplanned!

More dinosaurs!

These three are close buddies! (Tigger, Scooby, and a dinosaur)
Snow White and Dorothy (don't tell, but Dorothy is wearing a wig!)

Uh-Oh, watch out Mr. Fox but there is a dinosaur next to you!

Our preschool friend is dressed as Tinker Bell.

Belle, Snow White and Tigger

So pretty! So serious!

Sister and brother pose for a picture together.
And we have proof that our friend happily is wearing his costume.

And the parade starts.
His big brother was wearing the exact same outfit!

One of our parents dressed up as Dracula. Talk about parent involvement.
Hello princess!
Too cute! Spiderman (a pre-kindergartener) holds Tigger's hand.

I think he is ready to take off his costume now.

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