Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Last of our October Activities

We went outside to search for spider webs.
We found three and all of them were in different areas.
We didn't see any spiders though.

This one was in the bushes on the side of our school.

We found this one on the brickwork by the pre-kindergarten windows.

This one was on the downspout by the office window.

This is another wonderful fine motor skill activity.
Ms. Kris dyed pumpkin seeds in different colors and
the toddler made a picture using the seeds.
The toddlers also talked about the colors they were using.
Pay attention to the fingers they use to pick up the seeds.

I don't think she is tired, she was not ready for her picture to be taken!

He has a lot on his paper! I wonder how many stayed on.
She uses both hands!

Working next to one another and sharing the pumpkin seeds
is a great social activity.

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