Sunday, November 18, 2012

Our Very Own Science Guy

We love teachable moments and this is the best one yet!
This toddler was inspired by a younger toddler who discovered
that the laminated turkeys in our room can stick to the wall.
The toddler in these pictures wanted to see if his turkey would stick to the wall too.
With a little guidance, he put the other turkey pictures on the wall to see
if they would stick as well. And they all did! Then, with a little guidance,
he went to different walls of the classroom to see if the turkeys still
would cling to the wall...and they did again!
Next, he thought of seeing if the turkeys would stay on the window by themselves.
They did but not exactly in the same way. The turkeys had a ledge to rest on.
Isn't that an awesome science experiment!! And thought of by a toddler!

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