Thursday, October 4, 2012

Colored Ice

Ms. Kris placed colored ice cubes in the sensory table. The children not only
discovered that the ice was cold, hard, slippery, and wet, but they found
that they could make designs with the colored ice cubes too. Sometimes the ice
slipped from their hands or where they placed it. They didn't mind!
They made some really neat lines

She discovered that ice can be slippery and wet.

These two boys were playing by each other, feeling the ice with their hands.

More discovery was happening here. We were talking about how the ice felt and looked.

He started to line up his ice cubes. Other children modeled his play.

Cognitive Development: Discoveries of Infancy
Problem solving: The child will use the self, objects or others to attain a goal.
Space: The child will understand how things move and fit in space.
Imitation:The child will be able to mirror, repeat and practice the actions modeled by another
Attention and Persistence: The child will be able to remain focused on a task or object and to persist in the face of obstacles.

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