Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Creative Fall Activities

We are using a lot of our senses this month!
Take a look at what we are doing.

Leaf rubbings. The children colored really FAST and really HARD.

These children are feeling the bumps of the leaves.
When they did this it made a wonderful sound.

The children are using large tweezers to pick up straw in our
outdoor sensory table.

Some children pounded into the straw with the tweezers.

When we saw him doing this we had to take a picture!
It looks like he is levitating!

State Guidelines: Motor Development
  • Large Muscle: Movement, balance, and coordination.
  • Small Muscle: Touch, grasp, reach, and manipulate
State Guidelines: Language and Communication
  • Early Writing: The child will develop the fine motor abilities required to hold a writing tool and make marks on a surface
  • Comprehending Language: The child will comprehend the message of another's communication. (For example, a teacher requesting the children to scribble really hard and really fast.)

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