Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hammered Flower Art

This series of pictures shows you the entire
process of how we did our hammered flower art project.

First we collected leaves and flowers with bright colors.
We talked about what colors the children picked up.
We found a lot of purple, yellow, and green.

Next we placed a bunch of leaves, grass, and flowers from our walk
on the table. Then placed a white sheet of paper on top.
We used a hammer to hit the paper and we began to see
color on our paper!

The kids loved having the permission to hit something!

State Guidelines: Motor Development
  • Large muscle
State Guideline: Cognitive Development
  • Cause and effect
  • Memory (For example, remembering their colors.)
State Guideline: Language and Communication
  • Expressive language: The child will convey a message or transfer information to another person. (For example, telling us what they have found on our walk.)

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