Friday, October 5, 2012

Stringing Up a Treat for our Bird Friends

We had a small group on this day and Ms. Kris took them outside to
make a treat for our birds. Pay attention to their faces!

Standards from Ohio's Infant and Toddler Guidelines:

Cognitive Development: Attention and Persistence
Attention and persistence: The child will be able to remain focused on a task or object and to persist in the face of obstacles.

Motor Development: Large Muscle
Movement, balance, and coordination: The child will coordinate the movements of his or her body in order to move and to interact with the environment.

Motor Development: Small Muscle
Touch, grasp, reach, and manipulate: The child will coordinate the use of his or her hands, fingers, and sight in order to manipulate objects in the environment.

Emotional Development: Expression of Emotion
Expression of emotion: The child will express feelings through facial expressions, gestures and sounds.

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